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Mission Friendship Centre Society

Mission Friendship Centre Society

Mission Friendship Centre Society

Mission Friendship Centre Society Mission Friendship Centre Society

Executive Board Members


Mary-Agnes Giesbrecht




Jodie Ward

My name is Jodie Ward, I moved to Canada when I was 17 years old, I have one daughter and three beautiful grandkids. I like participating in the workshops at the MFCS like beading, drum making and Food Skills for Families, and making Button Blankets. I volunteer at the MFCS and like helping people. I have been at the centre for three years. For me its all about giving back and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. 

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Vice President


Sandy Aubichon

Board Members


Geneva Biggers


Julie Anne Ponting


Terry Forrest


My name is Terry Forrest, I was born in Port Albernie, BC. I moved to Mission in 1999. I have been a member of the Mission Friendship Centre for three years, and have reccently started working on the board. I look forward to assisting the Friendship centre to grow, and to prosper. Helping the people that need our help the most.

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Shawn Allen

Hello everyone 

My name is Shawn Allen. I was born in Chilliwack, BC, lived in chilliwack for the first four years of my life. In 1973 my family moved to Kamloops BC where I grew up. I I attended Norkam senior secondary and graduated in 1991. I enjoy outdoors, hiking, sports,  and wrestling. I've been a member of the Mission Friendship Centre Society since May 2010. This is my first time as a Board Member and I am looking forward to working with each board member.


Dawn Styran, BSW




Herman Dan

My name is Herman my Indian name is Mesisl . I was born in Seabird Island Agassiz BC where my mom comes from. I grew up in skookumchuck and I went to school in fort Douglas my dad pulled me out to work on the farm. I went logging in 1953. I came to mission in 1978 and I raised my kids, I have grandkids and great grandkids. I am a widower, my wife passed away in 68 Feb 5th. I have been involved with the centre since 1953. I was logging and stayed in camp until 1973.  A social worker asked me if I wanted my kids back, I had two choices my job or my kids. I had to retire young. I have been here at the centre since august 1985. I started the cooking here in 1991, I used my own money when Chris cook was the Executive director who hired two cooks. I have been here and on the board on and off since the 1980's. I am back on the board, I am 80 years old. I was born 193

8.  I do drumming, and play my guitar and my harmonica.  I am shy around women. Ha ha ha

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